Myopia is the epidemic we don’t see

Manage myopia in childhood to prevent eye diseases in adulthood

Specialised myopia management

We provide a world-class approach in myopia control to lower the risk of children developing more serious eye diseases as they grow older.

The Myopia Specialist Centre comprises of an advisory panel of global and local experts in ophthalmology and optometry who have decades of experience helping individuals slow the progression of myopia. Our focus is on managing your child’s myopia journey to provide the best possible outcomes in their adulthood.

Come to us for a comprehensive and holistic approach to managing myopia.


Learn about myopia

Have you noticed your child squinting from time to time? Do they often read their electronic devices up close? These could be symptoms of myopia, with many children here facing such issues.

Today, Singapore is dubbed the “Myopia Capital of the World” – an epidemic that afflicts 65 percent of children by age 12, and 83 percent of young adults.

Traditionally, spectacles have been perceived to be the solution to improve their vision. However, this does not control the progression of myopia and may actually exacerbate it. A lifetime of pathological eye conditions may await our children if myopia is not managed early.



State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for premium ocular evaluation

Our myopia management programmes offer the best-in-class eye care. We provide comprehensive diagnoses using state-of-the-art equipment that will determine the best personal myopia treatment for both adults and children.


Understand more about eye care

Learn how to improve the management of your child’s eye health with educational resources curated and provided by our eye care experts. You may also discover how others are living with myopia through some of our personal patient stories.