Our Story

The Myopia Specialist Centre is the first of its kind premier institution in Asia. Launched in partnership with industry leaders and experts, we aim to raise awareness about myopia and treat it through education and specialised myopia control methods.

Our custom suite of services and programmes is tailored towards alleviating the complications of today’s digital age, when an increase in screen time has resulted in an alarming prevalence of myopia among children and adults alike.

In particular, a key focus will be to manage paediatric myopia by offering solutions shaped by the latest clinical research. Our goal is to slow myopic progression, improve the quality of sight and, in turn, the quality of life for patients with myopia.

Your vision is a gift that requires bespoke care. Our mission is to deliver that and help your children see the world in high definition.

Vision and Mission


To be at the forefront of world-class eye care as a leader in myopia research and solutions.


We are redefining how people see. With a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach, we strive to improve the quality of life for children with myopia by managing myopic progression early.

Our Experts

What we do

MSC’s global network gathers renowned myopia experts in one place. Our visiting specialists drive cutting-edge research that forms the core of our diagnostic procedures and treatment plans. Our patients will be provided quality personalised myopia management from a team of highly trained professionals.
As a leading myopia research and education centre, we are committed to raising myopia-related eyecare standards through comprehensive research initiatives. Our practitioners are not just treating, but also educating patients. Through a family focused approach, we prioritise parental education and involvement as a means to nurture a long-term myopia management relationship with your children.

Scientific Advisory Board

The MSC has been established as a strategically situated myopia research centre that, supported by scientific guidance and clinical input from a panel of globally renowned myopia experts, can further our understanding of myopia progression and its long term implications.
The MSC and its partners are allocating significant resources to strategic myopia related research programs in order to learn more about the disease and its consequences and to support the development of new forms of myopia treatment.
We aim to provide the best possible level of education to professionals and parents as we work towards improving the quality of myopia care in Singapore.

MSC Clinic

MSC Clinic is a primary care medical clinic located in Camden Medical Centre. The clinic offers a range of primary healthcare services such as acute and chronic general consultations, minor surgeries, health screening as well as primary eye care services. As a subsidiary of Myopia Specialist Centre, the clinic was established with the aim of enhancing and providing more holistic medical and eye care coverage to all patients visiting our centers.
At MSC Clinic, we believe in providing quality and continued medical care to our patients. Myopia Specialist Centre together with MSC Clinic aspire to be an integrated hub in the provision of eye care services for both the young and the young at heart.