The MSC Patient Journey

In 3 Simple Steps


We will first determine your child’s medical history to uncover any underlying conditions. There will then be a preliminary check on existing eye issues, as well as your child’s ocular history and lifestyle. This information will help us understand the reason for your visit and be more precise during consultation.


A full eye examination with quality diagnostic equipment from globally leading brands such as ZEISS, Medmont, Keeler, Topcon and Tomey to assess your eye health.


Advice on how frequent follow-up checks should be, based on your child’s condition.


Clients will receive a myopia management consultation with a full eye examination. This is a comprehensive test comprising seven stations that includes:

MSC uses quality diagnostic equipment from globally leading brands to ensure precision and accuracy.

Additional Eye Tests

We may also conduct further tests such as:

Specular Microscopy

Examining the corneal cells at the base of the cornea (endothelial cells) to ensure the cornea is not compromised in any way when fitting contact lenses.

Corneal Topography

Our corneal topographers measure the cornea edge to edge which makes contact lens fitting more accurate. They also examine tear quality, the tear gland (Meibomian gland) and photographs the eye.

Our Myopia Management Programmes

Our programmes are tailored to each individual. We work with parents to advise them on the best solution for their children’s needs. These include: